Smart Mama Today Is Wall Chart
Smart Mama Today Is Wall Chart

Smart Mama Today Is Wall Chart

The TODAY IS Wall Chart is a beautifully embroidered interactive wall chart demonstrating the date, days of the week, months of the year, weather, seasons and more! Children take great pleasure from changing the dates, checking on the weather and working out the seasons.

All the pieces are detachable and are affixed by velcro making it interesting and engaging for young minds. A fantastic addition to any household. We also include year tabs through to 2021 so your Wall Chart can adorn your child’s room for years to come!

The TODAY IS Wall Chart comes with the following:-

  • Days of the week tabs

  • Months of the year tabs

  • Year tabs through to 2021

  • 4 Weather ornaments

  • 4 Season ornaments

  • 4 Feelings ornaments

  • 5 Additional blank tabs

  • A pouch to keep additional ornaments

Surface wash only. Colours or contents may vary from those illustrated. Product dimensions: 60 cm (h) x 40 cm (w). For ages 2+

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