Sensible Lines Breastmilk Freezing System (Milk Trays)

Sensible Lines Breastmilk Freezing System (Milk Trays)

Sensible Lines

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Sensible Lines Milk Trays freeze your expressed breastmilk in convenient 1 oz (30ml) servings, eliminating waste commonly associated with nursing bags. Unlike ice-cube trays, each 1 oz frozen milk stick is specially designed to fit into any bottle opening! Milk Trays give nursing mothers the confidence in knowing that none of your breastmilk will be wasted.


  • Contains 2 trays and 2 lids


  • Make each bottle to order. (if baby drinks 3 oz, simply drop 3 frozen milk sticks into the bottle!)
  • take up less space in the freezer allowing you to create a reliable "stash" of expressed breast milk.
  • freeze fruit/food puree in convenient 1 oz portions for baby


  • After pumping, pour expressed breastmilk into each of the 1 oz cavities of your Milk Trays and put them into the freezer.
  • Once the breastmilk is frozen, turn over the Milk Tray and give it a good fun twist and tap to have the 1 oz frozen Milk Sticks popping out onto the lid (which you use as the base).
  • Transfer the 1 oz frozen Milk Stick into dated freezer-safe zip-lock bags or containers until ready to use.
  • Wash the empty Milk Trays with water and liquid detergent, rinse and air-dry.
  • The trays are ready to be reused for next round(s) of pumping!


  • Freezer safe zip lock bags or containers are safe to hold frozen food products like breast milk, remember the milk is already frozen!
  • It is safe to touch the frozen breastmilk as long as you wash your hands prior to handling the milk.
  • Simply wash and air dry Milk Trays in between usage. DO NOT sterilize or rinse Milk Trays with hot water.
  • Milk Trays are made from the safest medical grade plastic with a recycle rating number "1".