Cuchen UV Sterilizer
Cuchen UV Sterilizer

Cuchen UV Sterilizer


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- FIRST UV Sterilizer to come with Medical Grade UV LED!
- FIRST UV Sterilizer in the market to offer 3 years warranty from Date of Purchase!
- FIRST UV Sterilizer that comes with alert indicators to remind you to replace your UV lamps and LED!
- FIRST UV Sterilizer to provide free UV lamps and LEDs within the warranty period! (terms & conditions apply)
- Comes with SG Safety Mark Plug,
- One touch easy operation!
- Super Mirror Stainless Steel on All Siz Sides for 360 degree Sterilization.
- Hive Like STS Walls achieve Zero Blind Spot through Diffuse Reflection.
- Special Rack for Intensive Sterilization for Nipples.
- Enhanced Durability with Increased Thickness of the Walls.
-Guaranteed Storage Space and Efficient Sliding Racks.
- Comes with Door Rack for sterilizing accessories like cutlery.
- 4 modes of operation: Drying, Sterilizing, Storage and Ventilation