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Experience Room


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Is your current pump failing you and you wish you have a place to test various models of Spectra breast pumps?

Are you puzzled about the size of breast shield aka flanges to use and wish there is a place to test various of breast shield sizes in the market?

We hear you! Launching our very own Experience Room!!!

In our Experience Room, we have Maymom breast shield sizes ranging from 15mm to 36mm and the 3 Spectra breast shield sizes 24mm, 28mm and 32mm. Other than the breast shields, we also have all the models of our Spectra pumps - S1, S2, M1, 9+ and Q!

All accessories will be washed and UV sterilized before the next use. Pumps will also be rotated and clean to ensure the maximum hygiene! Check out our Terms and Conditions below:

  1. Each session is limited to 30 minutes ONLY.
  2. At the end of 30 minutes, our colleague will knock on the door to remind the mummy to dress and pack up.
  3. Per minute charge of $1 applies for any extension without permission.
  4. Appointment is base on First-Come-First-Serve.
  5. Mummies can re-schedule the appointment only ONCE, at least 3 days before the confirmed appointment and subject to availability.
  6. No refund allow for any cancellation made 2 days before the confirmed appointment.
  7. Professional advice will not be available. Mummies deduce their breast shield size or suitable breast pumps from what they experience. bingbling is not responsible for any wrong breast shield size or breast pump that the mummy have decided.
  8. Only partner is allow for each session.
  9. bingbling reserve the right to deny entry to 2 or more mummies in the same session.
  10. bingbling reserve the right to charge any missing or damage items checked after each session.

Please email us at bing@bingbling.com.sg for any questions. Our colleague will contact you once order is made and payment received.