UV vs Steam Sterilizer

With the advance in technology, UV Sterilizing is becoming one of the essential product necessary for sterilizing baby related items.

Some mummies may be considering between UV or Steam Sterilizer. Hope the comparison table below helps.

 UV Sterilizer
Steam Sterilizer
Cycle includes drying and sterilizing
Some models do not contain drying function
Uses UV ray to sterilize
Uses steam to sterilize
Sterilize almost everything!
Limited items
Easy to clean
Need to descale the heating plate
Do not require high temperature to sterilize
High temperature may cause some harmful substance to be released.


Introducing uPang UV Sterilizer

  • Awarded the BEST SELLING STERILIZER in Korea.
  • Winner of FOUR Consecutive Korea Customer Preference 1st Brand Award.
  • 99.9% Sterilizing Effect as CERTIFIED by 6 health organizations!!
  • Sterilize almost anything from Bottles, Pacifiers, Toys,etc !!
  • 99.9% internal baby bottle germical disinfection tests - removes all kinds of germ and bacteria.
  • Perfect Sterilization: Low temperature drying process (relief even plastic baby bottles)
  • Convenient: Don't worry about high temperature endorine-distrupting chemicals.
  • Infrared Light Low Temperature Drying: Low temperature drying process do not change shape
  • Storage Space: After sterilization, store baby bottle in the uPang!
  • Using Super Mirror Stainless: Super mirror is as near a perfect polish that can be produced on stainless steel. Super mirror is blemish free and has perfect reflective quality. The reflectivity of super mirror creates light and space and is easily fabricated. Unlike glass mirror, Super Mirror can be used in food preparation, ceiling and high pedestrian areas because it will not shatter.

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