Spectra Breast Pumps - Closed System

Spectra breast pumps are manufactured in Korea and is fast gaining popularity internationally. As an international brand, Spectra is always innovating and they always ensure best quality before exporting out of Korea. That is why you may see products that are only available in Korea but not internationally. So, what is the great deal about Spectra breast pumps?

During pumping, milk may back flow due to many reasons (eg. incorrect posture). Sometimes milk vapour may also form and get absorbed into the machine. Milk vapour are invisible and can form small puddle in your pump without you knowing. These puddles may turn into mould and stay inside your pump, contaminating your milk with every pump.

Picture from Google search – mouldy breast pumps

Picture from Google – mouldy breast pumps


Thankfully, all Spectra breast pumps come with a backflow protector that can prevent milk from back-flowing into your machine and also prevent cross-contamination between the machine and the milk. The backflow protector act as a barrier and prevent backflow up to 99% thus achieving closed system.

The first generation of backflow protector, though effective, is still not able to prevent cross-contamination fully.

 Are you able to spot the difference? Let’s dismantle them.


Do you notice that the casings and membranes are different? For the old backflow protector, user need to twist to tighten and the membrane only sits in the cap. Though it prevents backflow effectively, there is chances whereby contamination may occur from the side of the membrane during pumping. In the new backflow protector, you will notice that the membrane was design to wrap around the casing. In this way, there is a very low possibility of cross-contamination.

In our service centre, we encountered mummies who do not use their backflow protector and have milk stains inside their pumps. Cases like these have their warranty void and repair and cleaning will be chargeable. We strongly encourage mummies to use the backflow protectors that come together with their pumps You may purchase the backflow protectors from https://www.bingbling.com.sg/collections/spectra/products/spectra-backflow-protector-new. Our service also provides cleaning service for pumps under warranty. Please email to warranty@bingbling.com.sg and arrange with our customer service officer.

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