Baby Fair: Shop Like A Pro!

Baby Fair Tips


What happened if you missed the advance pre-order and you wanna shop fast and efficient?! Here are some useful tips for mummies and daddies! 

Do a good research before...
- You plan what to buy. Breast pump? Stroller? Also, Make a checklist. 
- Download and print out the venue map. Available in Baby World - Baby Fair website.
- Highlight the booth number, so you know where to go when you reach the venue hall.
- Have a good sleep the day before. It will be super tiring for mummies. 

Shopping Time!
- Arrive early, before the crowd starts to engage. 
- Go straight to the booth! Shop from small items (such as milk bottles) to big items (such as stroller or sterilizer). 
- Personal advice: As to prevent disappointment, please attend Baby Fair within the first 2 days. Ensure there will be current stock available. 

We want to bring joy and amazing deals to mummies and daddies in Baby fair. Also, what we are doing is for our beloved love ones. Hope these tips come in handy when you shop for any fair!

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