Authorized Local Breast Pumps VS Parallel Import Breast Pumps

Disclaimer: The following post aims to educate consumers how to differentiate Spectra breastpumps sold by authorized distributor and retailers. bingbling pte ltd has no intention to discriminate anyone or shops with this post.

bingbling pte ltd was appointed as Spectra Singapore Sole Distributor and Service Centre in 2015 and we have been working with our authorized retailers to help mothers on their breastfeeding journey since then. Recently, there had been overwhelming request from mothers, to educate them on identifying authorized local warranty sets. We think it will be good for us to help mothers to clear their doubts and also help them to make a right choice.

Before we begin our lengthy post, we would like to explain on the following terms:

  1. Distributor – Manufacturers appoint a company in a region as the authorized representative of their brand. This company will do the necessary marketing and create brand awareness in the region. This company will also be responsible for supplying the goods to local stores so that consumers can purchase their products easily.
  2. Retailer – Stores that purchase from the region distributor to sell to consumers.
  3. Parallel Importer – Sellers who import from retailers in other countries to sell to consumers. Their source will never be directly from the manufacturer because this would violate the agreement between the manufacturer and the distributor. Therefore, there is no guarantee if the retailers who they purchase from can be trusted.
  4. Parallel Import Set – Sets that were bought from oversea (during holiday) or from parallel importers. 
Now that you are familiar with the terms, let’s start with some of the most common misconceptions that mothers have.

Misconception #1: Purchases made in local baby fairs are by local distributors and warranty is covered by their respective service centre.

Truth – Not all vendors in local baby fairs are by local distributors. For Spectra, we only participate in baby fairs organize by Mummys Market. The fairs we normally attend are Baby World, Baby Market and some time, Baby Land. We strictly do not repair nor service breastpumps bought from non-authorized sellers.

Misconception #2: When seller state local warranty or local seller warranty, the warranty is covered by local distributor’s service centre.

Truth – Sellers who import their pumps from unknown sources will state “local” to attract buyers. However, these sellers are not our authorized sellers. Thus, the warranty for the breastpumps sold by them will not be covered by us.

Misconception #3: Spectra breastpumps sold in local prestige shopping centre are authorized sets from local distributors.

Truth – We do have authorized retailer like Mothercare whereby they have stores in local prestige shopping centre. However, not all stores in prestige area are our authorized retailers.

Now, let’s move on to identifying our authorized local warranty sets.

1. Adapter that comes with Spectra breastpumps

    • All authentic adapter that comes with every Spectra breastpumps have the same electrical parameters printed on the adapter as the electrical parameter printed at the base of the Spectra breastpumps.
    • For instance, the electrical parameter for Spectra 9+ is recently changed to 9v. Therefore, the adapter that comes with Spectra 9+ will definitely be 9v.
    • Recently, a mummy brings her pump to our service centre for repair. She said she bought it from a store in local prestige shopping centre and she want us to repair it. Upon checking, her pump is not from authorized distributor or retailers. Next, we realize that the adapter that comes with the pump is of a higher voltage. This could be one of the reason her pump “died”.

      2. Distributor and Service Centre Contact Information

      • All Spectra pumps will come with a sticker as shown in the picture below.


        • All Spectra pumps should also come with a warranty card to mail out for warranty registration.
        3. Packaging
        • The packaging for Spectra pumps in Singapore are all in English and does not contain any Korean wordings.
        • Please refer to the photos below for our latest packaging.

          SPECTRA S1 PLUS
          SPECTRA S2 PLUS
          SPECTRA 9 PLUS
          SPECTRA M1
          SPECTRA Q


          So, what are the pros and cons of buying a local warranty set VS a parallel import set?

          Authorized Local Warranty Set

          Parallel Import Set

          • 2 Years Warranty (for all pumps purchased in 2019 onwards).
          • Most sellers only provide 1 year warranty.
          • Online warranty registration available at
          • Cannot register warranty.
          • Temporary loan pumps available for free when pumps send in for servicing.
          • No loan pumps available or charges is applicable.
          • Fast response via Facebook and Whatsapp messaging.
          • Response time vary for different sellers on different platforms.
          • Local Safety Mark Certified Adapters.
          • Most sellers provide the Korea plug head.
          • Chargeable courier service available for mummies who are unable to come down to the service center.
          • Most of the time, mummies will need to mail the pump to the seller while some have shops for the mummies to bring to.
          • Short servicing lead time.
          • Sellers will send their pump back to Korea for servicing which will take more than 1 week, to and fro.
          • All internal parts replaced are new, authentic and comes from the manufacturer.
          • Sellers who provide local repair may purchase compatible internal parts from electronic parts seller or replace with refurbished parts.

          Hope the information above will help mummies to make a suitable choice for themselves. Pump on, Mummies!!!

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